The Friends of Silverbrook Cemetery, working with the city government of Niles, Michigan, is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the historic Silverbrook Cemetery.

Monthly Meetings

The Friends of Silverbrook Cemetery meet the third Thursday each month at 7 p.m. at the Niles Law Enforcement Complex, located at Main St and Silverbrook Ave.

In addition to discussing progress made with our restoration and education projects, we feature a Guest Speaker. Past speakers have given talks about the history of Niles, gravestone restoration, and biographies of leading citizens. Many of our members also have interests in genealogy and local history. Members, nonmembers, and guests are always welcome to attend at no cost.


Phoebe B. Priest
Jan. 14, 1841-Nov. 29, 1912

Niles Daily Sun, Friday, November 29, 1912, page 1, col. 8, microfilm Niles District Library


Miss Phoebe Priest, aged 72, sister of John Priest, victim of fatality


Accident occurred at noon. Death ensued at 4 this afternoon


Miss Phoebe Priest, a maiden lady and a sister of John Priest, fell down a flight of stairs at noon today at the house on east Regent street into which the Priest family were moving today from their Howard township farm.

Miss Priest's injuries were very serious and at last accounts she was  still unconscious.

Dr. Giddings was called.

The nature of her injuries were not determined but there is believed to be a fracture of the skull and perhaps internal injuries as a result of her terrible fall headlong down the stairway.

Unfamiliarity with the house is assigned as a cause for Miss Priest losing her footing.

The moving of this well known family to town has been attended by mishaps.

A few weeks ago while  getting ready . . .[illegible] . .horse and his injuries delayed the moving to Niles.

Miss Priest is 72 years of age.

At 3:45 this afternoon Miss Priest had not regained consciousness.

Miss Priest Dead

Miss Priest passed away at 4 o'clock this afternoon without regaining consciousness.

Niles Daily Star, Friday, November 29, 1912, page 1, col. 3, microfilm Niles District Library




Most Deplorable Accident--Family Moved Into New Purchase in Niles This Forenoon--Well Known


One of the most frightful and deplorable accidents which ever occurred, was that happening to Miss Phoebe Priest today.

The Priests, for 48 years residents of four miles east of here, recently sold their farm and purchased property at 1310 Regent street, this city.

They moved into their new purchase this morning.

Miss Phoebe Priest, aged 72, while arranging the house, fell backward down a stairway at about 1 o'clock this afternoon and fractured her skull.

She passed away three hours later, being unconscious from the time of accident until death.

Deceased was born in Niles.  She was a lovable woman, without an enemy. John Priest and Miss Libbie Priest, brother and sister, survive.

Funeral arrangements later.

Niles Daily Star, Monday, December 2, 1912, page 4, col. 2, microfilm Niles District Library

Funeral services for Miss Phoebe Priest were held Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the house, 1310 Regent street.  Rev. R.A. Wright of the M.E. church officiated. Many sorrowing friends were present.  Interment was at Silver Brook cemetery.