Caryn Adler
Kathy and David Alton
Ruth (Webber) and James Andrus
Susan and Michael Armstrong
Carol Bainbridge
Marilyn and Bob Ballantine
Debby, Archie, and Kyle Barkman
Karen Nunn and Merrill Barker
Dr. Charles and Joanne Bath
Gretchen and Leon Bertschy
Mari Blackmond
Jo Ann Bolin
Lesley Bookout
Diane and Mark Borst
Jane and Pat Brandstatter
Dorothy and Neil F. Brown
Janice and Gary Brunk
Sherrie and Mel Burdue
Vickie Caison
Jacque Clark
Max Cole
Barbara Wood Cook
Nancy and Bob Cooley
Trish and Neil Coulston
Sue Cramer
Martha Skalla Crompton
Dr. Paul and Penny Detrisac
Shirley Dreher
Diane and Gary Dreher
Donna Drolet
Mary Ellen Drolet
Helen Drotoz
Marilyn Eber
Dorthy Farmer
Allene Felden
Harold Finley
Richard and Ann Flora
Patricia, Robert, & Tammy Frame
Michelle Funkhouser
Patricia Gondeck
Heather and Tom Gough
Lynn and Cap Grathwohl
Nick Graziani and Family
Mary Carol and John Grinnell
Vicki and Norm Guentert
Victor Gutschenritter
Bobbie Hahn
Lauren and Bill Hahn
Tom Hall
Luann and Roger Hargreaves
Doris Harris
Diane and Bill Haslett
Kris Haynes
Kathie Hempel
Jon Hoskin
Edith Hulett
Becky and Bob Jackson
Carol Keppler
Ann and Dick Knott
Betty Knoll
Christine Konkey
Ellen Smith Konopaski
Patricia and Dick Kujawa
Dr. Lawrence and Elaine Lee
Glenn and Phyllis Lesniak Family
William Liles
Peggy Maiers
Sue and Dave Majerek
Marcia and Erv Marker
Marilyn and Jim Maurer
Ann Maxwell
James McGuirk
Dorothy McLaughlin
Linda and Terry McNitt
Ben. O. Millar
Ellen Morrow
Ann Nemeth
Kelly and Bob Nightingale
Donna and Herb Ochenryder
Rosemary Pane
Deborah Paul
Sandra and Mark Paulsen
Andrew Pawielski
Catherine Perry
Jan Personette
Amy Potokar
John Pugh
Judie and Patrick Quinn
Joy Rolston
Suzanne Russo
Dorlene Sarratore
Fred Schneider
Barbara and Marvin Selge
Mae Sherrick
Joan and Larry Sholtey
Betty Skalla
Candace and Tim Skalla
CeCe and Jay Skalla
Joanna and Jerry Smith
Josephine Snook
Stephanie and Don Stone
Virginia Strayer
Jack Strayer
Shelley and Kenneth Strope
Sandra Stutzman
Jenny Tyler and Lee Allard
Amy and Matt Tyler
Michelle and Dan Tyler and Max
Ginny and Todd Tyler
Kaye and Tom Tyler
Lisa and Mike Tyler
Monica and Pat Tyler
Nancy and Scott Tyler
Pam and Tim Tyler
Shanna and Chris Tyler
Catherine Perry and Greg Vandenbroucke
Jodie and Dan Vandenheede
Jean and Harold Vanderboegh
Teresa Veach
Karen and Eric Vinnedge
Jan Volkmann
Margaret and Herb Walker
Judith Wallace
Nancy A. Waters and the Finley Family
Tracey A. Watson
Jeanne and Tannis Watson
Joyce Weaver
Pearl and Tom Weir
Charles Chauncey Wells
Wells Family Association, Midwest
Becky and Chris Williams
Doretta Williams
Paula Wilson
Deanna Wolford
Richard and Tracey Tyler Wood
Judy and John Young